Usability Audits

What is Usability and Why Is It Important?

Usability is all about your users' web experience.

A usable website is an effective website in that it efficiently informs and promotes your brand, products and services.

It encourages your web visitors to explore your web offering, fulfil their online objectives and share their experiences with other users.

It results in improved quality, service,  increased conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Usability Audit Services 

  • Usability Testing – test your website with your target audience and identify its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Heuristic/Expert Evaluations – allow experts to evaluate your website against universally recognised usability criteria.

Other Usability Related Services

  • Information Architecture – together with our Information Architects use flexible tools such as wireframes which will allow you to organise and structure your website's content and then ask your target audience to evaluate it.
  • User Centred Design - together with our Information Architects and Web Designers we design your website using proven techniques such as prototyping with wireframes where your users will play an important part in validating your website design.
  • Online Surveys – gather feedback from your user base to see what they think about your website's usability as well as its content's relevance.


Our UX Consultants have over ten years of experience in delivering usable websites  to our clients. They have carried out Usability Testing, Expert Evaluations and Online Surveys for a number of international and local clients including  the European Economic and Social Committee (Brussels), the European Foundation (Dublin), the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (Vienna) and Eleftherotypia (Athens), to name just a few.

Additionally, at EWORX, Usability is perceived as a pervasive element which is present throughout our entire web development life-cycle and maintenance approach.

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