What is User Experience?

User Experience is all about how we interact with technology. There is technology that sits in the background and we know it's there, but we don't interact with it. Electricity, networks and magnetic storage, for example, are necessary for a website to work but they don't affect how the user uses it to retrieve information. On the contrary anything we interact with, from our mobile phone's touch screen to the social media service we like to use to contact our friends can be well or not so well designed thus offering a good or bad user experience.

Computer systems and applications can be very complicated but as far as how a user interacts with them there are some important aspects that designers must take into account:

  • Ease of use
  • Attractiveness
  • Accessibility
  • Fun and engagement.

Our UX team members have had the chance to realize in several occasions, how frustrating it can be for people to use badly designed systems.

Our aim is to help you offer your target audience the best possible user experience. This will make them feel happier when using your website or service and will also be more rewarding for you, because they'll want to stay with you and skip the competition. Brand loyalty is directly related to user experience. Technology must be functional, enabling, intuitive and can also be engaging and fun.

This website explains what matters, when it comes to offering a better user experience and how we can work with you to establish it.

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