Information Architecture

Why is Information Architecture Important? 

Information Architecture aims to categorise your website's information and content in a coherent structure and present it in a way that enables users to understand and access it quickly and intuitively.

The process of creating an effective information architecture is a sub-set of the usability activities involved in a project's development process.

Information Architecture Services 

Our Information Architecture Process incorporates 6 steps:

  • We come to understand your business/contextual requirements and the proposed content for your website by reading all existing documentation, interviewing your stakeholders and undertaking a content inventory.
  • We then conduct card sorting exercises with a number of your representative users and then we evaluate the output of the card sorting exercises by looking for trends in grouping and labeling.
  • Our Information Architects then draft your website's information architecture by developing information groupings and hierarchies which are then once again evaluated with a number of your representative users in order to make sure that we are on the right track.
  • Once we all come to an agreement about your information groupings and hierarchies our Information Architects document the information architecture in the form of a draft site map.
  • We then use a number of techniques such as User Stories to define a number of common tasks which your users will undertake on your website and use low fidelity prototypes to represent how users will carry out these tasks and interact with your website.
  • Then we walk you, your project team and/or representative users through the low fidelity prototypes and collect everybody’s comments which we process and integrate into the development of more detailed page layouts supporting key user tasks. We repeat and expand this process until more detailed high fidelity prototypes are assembled.

At the end of the Information Architecture Process  we will have developed your website's content structure, workflows and layout so that our web developers can then begin implementing your website.

Please contact us to find out more about our Information Architecture Services.

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