Accessibility Audits

What is Web Accessibility and Why do you Need It?

An accessible website will allow a person with a disability to use a website or software service - there are over 50 million people with a disability in the European Union alone.

By delivering digital communication in a way that is accessible to people with disabilities you are providing equal access to information for all citizens.

By providing accessible services it protects your brand integrity and ensures that all your users are offered the same end user experience.

Accessibility Audits and Consulting Services

An Accessibility Audit, is carried out by a UX Consultant who will assess your website's current level of accessibility and will identify key issues that are preventing your website from being accessible to all.
The Accessibility Audit is carried out in 5 steps:

  • Together with our UX Consultant you decide the level of accessibility that you would like to reach. A representative sample of your web pages will then be selected for inclusion in the Accessibility Audit.
  • A UX Consultant then manually tests your selected web pages against the internationally recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • An automated test of your entire website is then undertaken so as to identify a broader understanding of your website's accessibility issues.
  • The results of the testing process will then be analysed by our UX Consultant so as to identify key accessibility design issues with your website.
  • At the end of the Accessibility Audit you will receive a report tailored for both managers and web developers with a Roadmap detailing what needs be done next in order to make your website or software service Accessible to All.  

Other Accessibility Services 


Our UX Consultants have over ten years of experience in delivering accessibility services to our clients. They have also contributed to a number of high profile European reports and international working groups including:

EWORX belongs to the European Network of Centres of Excellence in Design for All.

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