My Website Structure is Ineffective

When a websites structure is not intuitive or a websites content is not easily accessed user frustration often sets in and consequently ineffective promotion of services and products takes place.

There are many reasons why this may happen: the website may have been built incrementally, resulting in a confusing structure; the content management system may not support website node management; or the design process may not have been thoroughly thought out.

As a result, we listen to customers requests such as:

  • "I have this really interesting sub-section with a lot of good content that my users cannot easily reach. Can we bring it to the forefront or somehow promote it?" 
  • "My menu has 10 options and I am not sure whether a more compact approach would be more suitable".
  • "I would like my website to display (a) navigational information in all pages and (b) the list of unique services we offer throughout. Is this possible?"
  • "I would like to show relevant information in my webpages to ensure that my visitors stay longer. What is the right approach?"

At EWORX we offer our customers Design Services, which help web owners design websites, that meet their web expectations.

Please contact us if you wish to know more about our Design Services

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