My Website Suffers from Poor Design

We frequently receive requests from our clients about redesigning the front/end of their websites. At EWORX we believe, that this is a rational reaction to major changes shaping the world wide web.

Websites like store fronts, should regularly review their front end web design particularly in view of changing web design techniques such as Web 2.0, which is making end users more design-aware.

Website end users are experiencing websites as their interaction with the real world: the main aim of websites therefore is to make this interaction as pleasant, fuss-free and attractive as possible, to ensure that visitors not only return but also recommend your website to others.

Common requests we receive include: 

  • "My website is overloaded with content - it is time we relaunch/redesign our website!"
  • "My content management system is working perfectly - but the front/end just doesn't look right... "
  • "We would like to redesign our logo, home page and reconnect with our users."

So, what is Usability and What does it Offer ?

Usability is all about what your users' experience when they visit your website.

A usable website is a more effective website in that it can serve its purpose better, to inform and promote your brand, products and services.

Usability should not be confused with spectacular or flashy designs and complicated structures or - at the end - extreme abstraction. On the contrary, simple forms and uncluttered content, in well-defined spaces can help your users understand what you have to say and what you are offering to them.

At the end of the day, this will translate to better quality of service and better conversion rates for you. 

At EWORX we offer out customers Design Services which help web owners design websites, that meet their web expectations.

Please contact us if you wish to know more about our Design Services

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